Spotlight and Giveaway: Angel of Mercy by Shannon Dermott

Wednesday, 3 July 2013.
It's finally here......

Angel of Mercy (Cambion, #3)

I got a copy in my hands today and I'm up to chapter 20 and loving it!!

And because I want to spread the word about these books, I'm going to give away a copy. The winner can choose any book from the series, Beg for Mercy, Waiting for Mercy or if you're up to date with them, then a copy of Angel of Mercy. The giveaway is international so long as you can receive an ebook from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

All I ask, is that if you enjoy the book, you post a review, even just a few lines, to Amazon and B&N.

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Suzanne Paranormal Pages said...

Thanks for the giveaway Suzanne! Even if I don't win, I want to check this series out now. Can't believe you are on C20 already!

Suzanne Paranormal Pages said...

I already know how much you love Shannon's books so I'm so glad that you're really enjoying her latest read. Thank you so much for the giveaway! :)

Suzanne Paranormal Pages said...

I've been meaning to try this series, as I know you're a big fan and we usually enjoy the same things. Thanks for the giveaway, Suzanne! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Angel of Mercy. :)

Suzanne Paranormal Pages said...

Here's a confession: I've only skimmed reading the first book of this series. I know, it's so bad of me. *hides in shame* But I'm glad that you're a big fan of this series, Suzanne! You just pumped me up to give this book a real try. Plus, I'm interested in Mercy's relationship with the guys in his life, particularly with his step-brother. ;)

Thank you for the giveaway, hun! <3

Suzanne Paranormal Pages said...

I've heard so much about this series. Great giveaway. Thank you.


Suzanne Paranormal Pages said...

Oh so glad to hear you're loving this, Suzanne! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

Suzanne Paranormal Pages said...

So .... you love it? :D This sounds like a great series.

Suzanne Paranormal Pages said...

I'm sad to say I'm haven't heard of this book or series but I seem to be missing out a lot! So thank you for bringing it to my attention Suzanne! And the Giveaway!

P.S How is Mayfair Moon, I really enjoyed this book. It was one of my first on my Kindle! :D

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