Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

Thursday 28 June 2012.
Glitch (Glitch, #1)
Glitch by Heather Anastasiu
Published: 7th August 2012
By: St. Martin's Press
ISBN13:  9781250009111
Source: Netgalley
Target Audience: YA

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Glitch is based in a world where nuclear war has already happened. People are chipped so they can't feel any emotion, in the hope of preventing future wars. They live below the earth's surface as the air is now toxic from nuclear fallout. They are like worker drones, just going about their day with no emotion, not caring about anything or anyone. They live by the motto Community first, Community always.

This book was a very slow starter and I felt like giving up. But, something about it just kept pulling me back. I'm glad it did, because it certainly got better as it went along, with quite a climactic ending. Setting up what I feel could be a really good sequel. I think slowed this for me was that there is kind of a repetitive scene, due to the fact that Zoe has memory disrupter inserted so has to learn everything again, before we can really move on with the story.

Then there's the love triangle. When she meets Adrien first, everything moves far too quickly, but as she forgets all this, the build up is better the second time around. This is when we also meet Max. Personally, I took an almost instant dislike to him. But I liked Adrien a lot, except for the way he spoke. He used ridiculous language in place of swear words. He says "shunting", "cracking" and "godlam'd". This annoyed me more than anything (maybe more than it should have), because it made Adrien sound like an idiot. Either write the book to include real swear words or leave them out altogether, don't make up ridiculous ones. Just my opinion.

The world building was really good and I could build vivid images from Heather's descriptions. It's an imaginative idea and was well executed. Most of this book is based below the surface. I'm interested to see more of how people are living on the surface and I think we'll see more of this in the sequel.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read, which if the sequel continues in this direction, I feel could be a lot better than Glitch.

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Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire said...

I love the concept behind the book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. After reading a complete rant by another blogger, I dunno if I'll like this. Love triangles just aren't my thing and Max sounds like an ass while the heroine doesn't really sound that interesting. Thanks for the review!

Heyxtara said...

Urgh, I totally agree with the swearing aspect - it annoyed me too when I read this! But overall I enjoyed the book - hopefully the sequel just gets better :)

Hilda K said...

I can't be even more agree! Glitch has a very slow start but I'm glad that it gets better. I like Adrien and I don't really mind his swearing, but I can see that it can get really annoying sometimes. Anyway, I'm not fan of Max. It's hard to love him. :P

Brilliant review, Suzanne! :)

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Great review! I've heard mixed thoughts on this, but I do trust your judgement. :) Even though there is a love triangle (and maybe even some insta-love?), I'm glad the story is still an interesting one with good world-building. The made-up swear words are a bit strange though, especially 'godlam'd'. I can't help but roll my eyes at that one. ;)

Giselle San Miguel said...

Don't you hate books that are soooo slow?? I would have given up already. I'm glad you didn't stop though. It has such premise. I love this type of genre. So exciting. That cover is gorgeous

A Canadian Girl said...

I saw a not so favourable review for this one that mentioned the same points as you. She too hated the ridiculous slang and the love triangle. Frankly, I'm just interested in the neurochip aspect since I'm doing a neuroscience major. If that part isn't well done, I'll be giving this one up because of its slow pace and insta-love.

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