Revamped (Angel Creek #1) by Ada Adams

Tuesday 12 June 2012.
ReVamped (Angel Creek, #1)
ReVamped by Ada Adams
Published February 20th 2012
Source: Review copy from Author
Target Audience: Young Adult

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Revamped is written from the POV of Dawn, the daughter of the Vampire President of the US. This is a world where humans are aware of the existence of vampires and food and drink laced with blood can be bought in local stores. As the president's daughter, Dawn grew up in the Scarlet House, where she's been training to become a great warrior, since she was a little girl.

Now, her father is finally sending her on her first mission, to Angel Creek. The towns Guardians, known as the Fab Five, have been snapped up by Hollywood for tv shows which leaves the inhabitants of the town unprotected from attack by rogue vampires. Dawn's mission is to find the four vampires who currently reside in Angel Creek and train them to be the new Guardians of the town. Dawn's father believed he was sending her on a simple mission, but instead, she is being targeted by an age old enemy.

Ada has done a wonderful job with her debut novel, a unique take on a vampire story. Dawn is a strong, kick butt character that I really took to. She is delighted at finally being given her first mission and confidently sets off to Angel Creek to get things in motion. She meets and befriends some unusual but admiral characters while she is there.

There are the four vampires who are enlisted to become Guardians, Brooke, Hunter, Sophie and Seth. They each have their own interesting story about how they became vampires. Some long ago, and some very recent. Just after arriving in the town she meets Ethan, the hot barman and Hannah, the waitress, in the local diner. And the mysterious Sebastian. A vampire that her dad didn't seem to know about and my favourite character of them all.

At times, I felt we might be heading into a love triangle but it didn't really take off. I'm hoping that Ada doesn't decide to take it further as the series progresses. At the end of this book, Dawn is with one guy, and I hope it stays this way.

Ada holds onto a lot of mystery in this story and I was left guessing as to what was coming next. I liked the writing style, it was easy to read. It has its ups and downs and some action towards the end. I'm looking forward to the next instalment in this series.

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Edward said...

This one sounds really interesting, so I think I should check it out. Great review! :D

Kari Po-Ku Reads

Neyra Rosas said...

Yay! ^-^ Lol. Great review. I'm really looking forward to this book. I've been looking for it at Barnes and Noble, but they never have it available, only on kindle and I really want this in Hardcover (or paperback either's fine x] Lol). I'm wary though, a lot of vampire books I've read lately have left me very disappointed, I hope this one doesn't. Glad you enjoyed it :D

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

 Dawn is with one guy, and I hope it stays this way.Ditto that! I really love the sound of the world building in this one. Really cool that there is a vampire President. I also like the training guardians thing. Sounds like a good group dynamic for lots of drama. Great review!

kimbacaffeinate said...

Please no love triangle..LOL I can handle suspense, death and cliff-hangers but not the big triangle..hehehe. This book looks really good. I like that it The Guardians and world-building sound interesting. Thanks for sharing this..great review!

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

Phew, I'm so glad the love triangle didn't progress any further. I have a copy of this and it sounds wonderful, I can't wait to finally find the time for it.
Lovely review as usual, Suzanne!

Nicola said...

Great review, Suzanne! I'm really looking forward to seeing where this series goes. I had the same concerns as you. 

Giselleco said...

Great review, love! I'm reading this one soon-ish and I'm super curious about it. I really enjoy reading different vampire lores and I'm actually glad about the no love triangle. Especially right from the start.

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

Ok I admit I am super shallow I want that necklace on the cover. I read it is made from a fork. It is so pretty. Imhave read some great reviews on this one and I picked up a copy since it was so inexpesove. Thank god there is no love triangle, I agree let's hope it stays that way. Thanks for the informative review, Suzanne!

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Great review! I hear nothing but good things about this book so I can't wait to read it myself. I think a part of me is never truly going to be done with vampires. ;) I also hope a love triangle doesn't bloom during this series as I'm not a fan of those! :D

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