Spotlight and Giveaway: Evie's Knight by Kimberly Krey

Monday, 22 October 2012.

Evie's Knight
Published: 11th September 2012

In Evie's Knight, love doesn't simply hurt ... it kills.

EVIE always thought college life would be magical, but so far it's not what she hoped for. Her best friend has gone wild, her love life is void, and she misses her mom more than ever. But life for Evie is about to change. CALVIN KNIGHT, the very object of her fascination, is about to fall madly in love with her. Just one problem: Their love conjures a murderous woman from beyond the grave who wants Evie dead. The same demon who has haunted the Knight men for over four generations.

CALVIN'S grandfather used to speak of this woman, and Calvin always doubted the legends were true. Yet when he falls in love with Evie, he senses the truth of it, the danger lurking among them. Guilt follows each time he enjoys the taste of her kiss. When he pulls her close and whispers her name, he's haunted by an inner voice that warns him Evie's in danger - because of him.

As his love for Evie deepens, Calvin is forced to choose: Set Evie free and hope to evade the wrath of The Raven-haired Ghost, or use his newly gifted strengths to fight against her. If he chooses to fight and wins, Calvin will free the Knight men of this demonic witch. If he loses, Evie will become her next victim.

A short excerpt:
“You’re covered in juice.”
Evie looked down at the spots on her shirt, the drips along her arms. “I know. Let me go rinse off real quick. I’ll be right back.”
Calvin reached out, wrapped a hand around her wrist, and gave her a playful grin. “Wait. I love peaches. Especially the juice. Aren’t you at least going to give me a taste?”
Her eyes widened with barely contained shock as he brought her arm close to his lips. “May I?”
Her heart kicked into a flustered rhythm. “May you what?” The distant roar of the lawnmower told her that Dad was still in the front yard.
Calvin eyed a single drop at her wrist before looking back at her. “Have a taste.” The smile was gone now. Only the piercing depth of his gaze remained.

Author Bio:
I'm a writer of romantic Urban Fantasy, a reader of any good, clean romance, and a lover of home, family, and friends. A perfect day would include ample relaxing time with my hubby and kiddos (indoor or out). Add delicious meals involving seafood, chocolate, or Cafe Rio and I'm on cloud nine. End it with a novel by one of my favorite authors, Marcia Lynn McClure, and it's picture perfect. 

As far as movies go, I'm not sure it gets any better than The Notebook, The Lake House, or How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days - for chick flicks anyway. For family, my favorites include Elf (seriously, does it get any better than that?), Napoleon Dynamite, Overboard, The Grinch, Bedtime Stories, A Christmas Carol, Puss in Boots, and about one million more.

Interesting (or not) random tidbits about me:
I'm obsessed with chapstick. I spread SoftLips chapstick (the pretty pearly kind) on my lips about a hundred times a day.
I'm equally obsessed with mints; I eat them all the time. Altoids Smalls are my favorite. I smooth the lips, pop the mint, and I'm in good shape.
My favorite super heroes are Superman and Spiderman. I can't really decide between them, which is fine because my husband happens to be a scrumptious combination of the two!

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And finally, Evie has offered a signed copy of her book to one lucky winner and the giveaway is international :)
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Neyra said...

This sounds good Suzanne! :D Thanks for the giveaway! ^-^


Giselle said...

Oh I'm the same about chapstick! I can't go without it for more than a few hours! Haha. Great post this books sounds really neat!

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

Whoa! The Lake House is totally one of my favorite books ever, I'm almost obsessed with it. I see Evie and I will get along just fine.
Oh, and I love that cover so so much.
Thanks for the giveaway, ladies.

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

I love the Notebook and the Lake House as well. I used to be obsessed with Chapstick and lip gloss until my toddlers came along and started eating it! This book sounds really different and I like the sound of a curse and a dangerous romance. Great giveaway as well!

Elodie said...

I loved this book and Kimberly is amazing !!!

Kimberly Krey said...

Fun to hear that some of you ladies are (or have been) into the chapstick as well! I love hearing about our similar interests in movies/books too! Glad you guys like the cover and premise; good luck on the giveaway!
Suzanne: Thanks for doing the spotlight/giveaway on your totally awesome blog! I sincerely appreciate it!
Elodie: Thank you, Darlin'! Hugs to you!

Jasprit said...

Suzanne you always have the best excerpts to share with us, you leave us with a nice teaser and just snatch it away! ;) After reading the blurb I didn't really know if this book would be for me, but after that excerpt I'm definitely giving this a try! :)

Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

Oh my! That little snippet has me desperate for me. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

This looks really good and I love that cover. Thanks for the giveaway, Suzanne :)

Kimberly Krey said...

Glad you girls liked the excerpt and cover! Good luck you to all, and thanks for entering! :)

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