Bridger by Megan Curd

Wednesday 14 December 2011.

Published: 4th June 2011
Publisher: Soul Fire Press

This is the first in the Bridger Series

I am not going to rate this book, because to be honest, I don't know what to give it. It would probably range around a 2, but the idea behind the story was REALLY good so in that sense it would deserve more than a two but, in my opinion, it could have been better written. It reads as though the author didn't read back over her own story to fix some minor mix ups that there were a lot of. And not just spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Firstly, if an author is going to write about a country that is foreign to them, then they should at least research that country. "Gotcha, Mary typed, winking at the end. Let her know the royalty over there doesn't need any help". Ireland doesn't have a royal family and it would be very unlikely that an Irish person would call their car "Queen Elizabeth". And fish and chips is not a traditional Irish food. The author is confusing Ireland with the UK. Any Irish person, and most likely, anyone from the UK who reads this book will notice these mistakes. 

A chapter about their dad dying, and then no mention of a funeral??

I feel the relationship with Liam was rushed and happened far too quickly. He only knew her a day or two and he's laying down his life to protect her. Especially when she is soooo much stronger and powerful than him?? The idea of humans protecting the Bridgers is just a bit unbelievable. 

Mary just suddenly appears as a biology partner and all of a sudden she's a bestie??

Ashlyn was friends with Jamie for a long time. Wouldn't she have thought it weird that she NEVER met her parents, even if they were supposed to be away a lot.

Why would Memaw just let Chris walk into Ankou's clutches and sit back and do nothing about it. Just didn't make sense??

I found her mother to be very weak throughout the book and seemed to be constantly crying which I felt was odd because she knew what kind of family she had married into. Couldn't believe at the end when Ashlyn states that her mother amazes her because she is so strong?? 

I also felt that the timeline was completely mixed up. 

As I said, the idea behind this story is a really great one and I did really like some of the characters, especially Ashlyn and Liam. I feel this book could have been absolutely fantastic if some more thought and research had went into it.

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