My "can't wait for" books of 2012

Saturday 31 December 2011.

       Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon

        Before I Wake (Soul Screamers #6) by Rachel Vincent       

        Spellbound (Hex Hall #3) by Rachel Hawkins

       Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter

       Until I Die by Amy Plum

      City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

      Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

      Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer

       The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

       Dreamless by Josephine Angelini

      Waiting for Mercy by Shannon Dermott

      The Calling by Kelley Armstrong


       Black Dawn (Morganville Vampires #12) by Rachel Caine                                  

      Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare 

Balthazar by Claudia Grey

 Hidden (House of Night #10) by PC and Kristin Cast

 Angel Fever (Angel Series #3) by  L. A. Weatherley                                     

       Hush Hush #4 by Becca Fitzpatrick

My Top 10 Book Boyfriends 2011

Friday 30 December 2011.
These are not in order, I would never be able to decide

Shane from Morganville Vampires

Patch from the Hush Hush Series

Jace from the Mortal Instruments 

Edward from Twilight Series

Vincent from Die for Me by Amy Plum

Alex from the Angel Series

Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy

Flynn from Beg for Mercy by Shannon Doherty

Nash from Soul Screamers

Will from the Infernal Devices


New Girl by Paige Harbison

New Girl
Publishing Date: 31st January 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
ISBN:  0373210426

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book for review from Netgalley.

This book was absolutely fantastic. I was up till 4.30am reading it, I could not put it down until I had finished.

The "New Girl" at Manderly Academy is taking the place of Becca Normandy, a pretty and popular girl who went missing at the end of the previous year. Her dorm room is full of pictures of Becca and her belongings are still in the room. Her room mate Dana, insists that Becca will be back and that the "New Girl" cannot take her place. Everyone she talks to talks about Becca and she feels everyone is comparing them and that she is coming up short. She hears them all talking about her all the time. But there a few students who are nice to her, and one of them is Max, Becca's ex-boyfriend, who according to everyone, was SO in love with Becca.

This story was amazing. It was told from the point of view of the "New Girl" and also Becca. It was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were all well written, the "New Girl" was really likeable and it was great to see her grow as a person and get a new perspective on life after high school. I really liked Max too. I love a good romance and I enjoyed the way the author ended this.


Matched by Ally Condie

Thursday 29 December 2011.

Matched (Matched, #1)Matched by Ally Condie
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I liked this ok but it didn't thrill me in any way. I found it to be quite slow paced and not much excitement or action.

This is a dystopian book about a world that is run by The Society. They decide who you marry, where you live, what you work at and when you die. Most of the decisions are made by The Society.

Cassia attends her matching banquet on the day of her 17th birthday and is surprised when her best friend Xander, turns out to be her match. It seems perfect, they already know each other so well and she already loves him. Until she decides to look at her micro card to see what information it has about Xander and another face appears, Ky Markham.

This book was well written. The world run by The Society was described perfectly so you were really able to picture what it was like to live there. The characters were well written and likeable. But it just wasn't enough for me.

I found it quite a boring read to be honest. There is a romance building up but I couldn't really feel it like you can with some books. I didn't fall in love with anyone in this book. All were likeable, but that was it. None of them stood out for me.

I probably will read the next in the series to find out what happens with Ky but its not one that I will be rushing to get.

Published by: Dutton Juvenile
Date: 30th November 2010
ISBN:  052542364         


The Guardians Kiss (Samantha Brand #1) by Jamie Dougherty

Tuesday 27 December 2011.

Date Published: 29th June 2011

My Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

This book wasn't really for me. 

There is a virus spreading throughout humankind which turns people into a kind of zombie. When Samantha's sister Carla contracts the virus and is taken to a military base, Samantha meets Trent. He tells her that her and her twin sister Barbra have not been infected and that if she doesn't leave with him, they will experiment on her to find out why she hasn't contracted the virus. Barbra has already been sedated and so they must leave her behind. 

They make a run for it and along the journey they meet with H.B., a shapeshifter. Samantha discovers that she is the one who can save the world from the virus and that Trent is her guardian angel. The three of them must set out to save the world. 

I didn't really like this book and only finished it out of morbid curiosity. The story just didn't flow well for me. I didn't like the characters at all. It annoyed me the way Samantha was treating Trent in the way she was acting with H.B. Even if most of it was done in their heads, I still felt bad for Trent and it turned me off Samantha completely. Trent just wasn't written as a well rounded character and just didn't appeal to me from the start. I hated the way he called her "babe" or "darlin'" all the time, even whey they had only just met. I thought H.B. was just very sleazy and I didn't like him at all. I like love triangles usually but this just didn't do it for me.

I usually read YA which is what I thought this was and maybe that's why I felt this way about this book. I will not be reading anymore in the series. 


Two Halves by Marta Szemik

Monday 19 December 2011.

Date Published: 27th November 2011
Publisher: MyLit Publishing

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Sarah and William are both half vampire, half human and haven't seen each other since they were babies. There is a prophecy which states that together, they will save the humans, vampires and witches/warlocks from the demons. Sarah dreams about William regularly but she doesn't know who he is. Their parents were best friends but Sarah killed her mother when she was born and has never seen her father. He has spent her life trying to protect her by leading the seekers away from her. She is raised by her aunt and lives mainly as a human, keeping her vampire side a secret. She is protected as she grows up by two sibling shape shifters employed by her dad. It is only when she is 21 and her aunt has died that William comes and makes himself known to her. The seekers have tracked her and he has to take her away. 

I really enjoyed this book. It is SO imaginative. It is very descriptive and well written so you can totally picture it all in your head. Sarah is a great character who grows throughout the book as she explores her vampire side with the help of William who has never had to hide what he is. It is written mainly from the point of view of Sarah but does change at times to include some of the other characters. 

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy with a touch of romance. I loved it!


Bridger by Megan Curd

Wednesday 14 December 2011.

Published: 4th June 2011
Publisher: Soul Fire Press

This is the first in the Bridger Series

I am not going to rate this book, because to be honest, I don't know what to give it. It would probably range around a 2, but the idea behind the story was REALLY good so in that sense it would deserve more than a two but, in my opinion, it could have been better written. It reads as though the author didn't read back over her own story to fix some minor mix ups that there were a lot of. And not just spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Firstly, if an author is going to write about a country that is foreign to them, then they should at least research that country. "Gotcha, Mary typed, winking at the end. Let her know the royalty over there doesn't need any help". Ireland doesn't have a royal family and it would be very unlikely that an Irish person would call their car "Queen Elizabeth". And fish and chips is not a traditional Irish food. The author is confusing Ireland with the UK. Any Irish person, and most likely, anyone from the UK who reads this book will notice these mistakes. 

A chapter about their dad dying, and then no mention of a funeral??

I feel the relationship with Liam was rushed and happened far too quickly. He only knew her a day or two and he's laying down his life to protect her. Especially when she is soooo much stronger and powerful than him?? The idea of humans protecting the Bridgers is just a bit unbelievable. 

Mary just suddenly appears as a biology partner and all of a sudden she's a bestie??

Ashlyn was friends with Jamie for a long time. Wouldn't she have thought it weird that she NEVER met her parents, even if they were supposed to be away a lot.

Why would Memaw just let Chris walk into Ankou's clutches and sit back and do nothing about it. Just didn't make sense??

I found her mother to be very weak throughout the book and seemed to be constantly crying which I felt was odd because she knew what kind of family she had married into. Couldn't believe at the end when Ashlyn states that her mother amazes her because she is so strong?? 

I also felt that the timeline was completely mixed up. 

As I said, the idea behind this story is a really great one and I did really like some of the characters, especially Ashlyn and Liam. I feel this book could have been absolutely fantastic if some more thought and research had went into it.
Monday 12 December 2011.
A few days ago, I received a Liebster Award from Marta Szemik. Yay! Thank you!

Marta is the writer of the book Two Halves.

So, as per the rules for this award (copied from Marta):

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Sunday 11 December 2011.

Published: October 3rd 2011
Publisher: Bloomsbury

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
I received this book from Netgalley for review. 

Bleeding Hearts is the fourth book in the Drake Chronicles series. It is written from the POV of Lucy, her cousin Christabel and Connor Drake.

In the first book, the focus was on the Drake family, the second the Helios Ra, the third the Hounds and in this instalment, its the Hel Blar. 

There is an epidemic of Hel Blar in Violet Hill but now they are acting differently. They are wearing collars and are being controlled. Buy by who? 

Lucy's cousin Christabel has come to stay and they have a very strict curfew. Christabel cant understand why its needed in such a small, quiet town. She feels there is something going on that Lucy, Nicholas and his cute brother Connor are not letting her in on. And then she is kidnapped having been mistaken for Lucy.

I enjoyed this book. I liked seeing Lucy back in the main frame as I really like her character and her relationship with Nicholas. Christabel is a strong female character who is tough and sometimes sarcastic. And we see a new side to Connor who is usually just stuck in front of a computer. This one is as action packed as all the rest with the usual great dialect. 

There is an interesting sideline involving Solange and it looks like this will resolved in the next instalment. 

The downside is a cliffhanger ending which is something that I find offputting.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read and will be enjoyed by most paranormal fans. I look forward to the next one!

Ange Fire (Angel #2) by LA Weatherly

Wednesday 7 December 2011.

My rating: 4 out of 5

Date Published: October 1st 2011
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1409522016

This started off really slow for me. I was almost half way through before I really got into it, but with having heard so many great things about it, I didn't give up. And boy, am I glad I didn't, the second half of the book well made up for the first half, I TOTALLY enjoyed it. 

At the start of this book, we meet Seb, a half angel, who has spent most of his life dreaming of and searching for a girl, another half angel, Willow. 

Willow and Alex are on the run after failing to stop the second wave. Willow has a psychic dream which takes them to Mexico city where they meet up with a team of AK's (Angel Killers)and also with Seb. Seb is in love with Willow even though he has just met her and Willow also has very strong feelings for him. 

A chance to kill all angels comes with the arrival of the Twelve, the first formed angels, and so the team start training and preparing for this mission.

This is a very long book with 709 pages and for me, I was nearly at page 300 before I started to find it really interesting. I didn't read at all one day because I just wasn't in the humour of this book and I don't like to read more than one book at a time. So for me, I think the book could have been condensed at the beginning and let us get to the interesting stuff more quickly. I really really loved it though once they met up with Seb and the other AK's. The story really took off then and I was reading with my heart in my mouth at times. Some parts were really sad too. 

I am still giving a four star rating because when it took off it really took of and was fantastic. Had it not been for the slow beginning it would have definitely been worthy of five stars. 

I cannot wait to read the next in the trilogy and already feel sad at the thoughts of saying goodbye to Alex and Willow. 
Monday 5 December 2011.

In My Mailbox
Paranormal Book Fan

25th Nov to 9th Dec 

Hosted by the Story Siren

I borrowed these from the library this week

Marked (Soul Guardians #1)
by Kim Richardson
A Chance for Charity
by S. L. Baum
The Vampires Warden, S . J. Wright
Intuition  by J. Meyers
Shelter (Blood Haze  #1)
by Tara Shuler

Anathema (Cloud Prophet Trilogy #1)
by Megg Jenson
The Soulkeepers (The  Soulkeepers #1)
by G. P. Ching
I found these free on Amazon.com

Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles #4)
Alyxandra Harvey
New Girl
by Paige Harbison
I received these for review from Netgalley

Bridger (Bridger #1)
and Forbidden (The Guardian Chronicles #1)
by Megan Curd

I received these from a R2R on Goodreads

Veiled Innocence (The Soul Cycle #1)
by Krystle Jones
I got these from the author

The Apocalyse Gene
by Suke Michelle and Carlyle Clark
I won this from Suke in a blog giveaway


Face the Dark by Dave Ferraro

Thursday 1 December 2011.

Published: 13th November 2011

A 3.5 star rating.

This is the third book in the Hunters of the Dark series.

Shanna and the other hunters are "marked" to be killed by a demon. La Faer Noir (an organisation of monsters) are not happy to hear about this as they don't want Shanna to come to any harm, YET, until they have a chance to investigate her likeness to Diana, a deadly vampire from the past and the founder of La Faer Noir. They cannot stop the mark once it has been placed, so they come to an agreement with one of the hunters to try make the best of a bad situation while paying the hunter a favour in return. Things prove difficult for the hunter as he tries to keep this to himself. The hunters soon find themselves fighting off werewolves and a sleep demon. 

I found this book to be slower paced than the first two but still quite enjoyable. Cameron was very jealous and whiney throughout this book and REALLY annoyed me. I never really liked him much to begin with. There is the introduction of a great new character who fits in well with the team. Damien arrives later in the book which I was glad to see because I was beginning to think he was going to be left out. There is very little emphasis on Jordan and Noel which I would have liked to see more of too. The romance plays as much a part for me as the action.

I really liked the ending which I did not see coming and I cant wait for the next one.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this series to fans of the paranormal romance genre.
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