If I Die by Rachel Vincent

Wednesday 22 February 2012.

If I Die (Soul Screamers, #5)If I Die by Rachel Vincent
Published: 27th September 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373210329
Young Adult

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I couldn't put this book down. So much so, that when I took it out to write my review, I found myself reading it again from THE kiss. I have had to pull myself away to from it now to write this.

This book starts about six weeks after My Soul to Steal left off. Kaylee and Nash are together again and Kaylee is working hard on her trust issues. Sabine still wants him back though, but they are all trying to get along.

But then, they get some bad news that rocks them all. Tod has seen the reaper list and Kaylee's on it.

The school has a gorgeous new math teacher, Mr. Beck. Who it turns out, is an incubus trying to procreate. To distract from her own impending death, Kaylee wants to get rid of him and ensure her best friend Emma is safe when she's gone. And make it so he can never prey on the female population again.

If I Die brought out a mixed bag of emotions in me. I couldn't believe that Kaylee would really die, there is another book in the series after all. I had kinda guessed what would happen there but that didn't take from the story at all.

The dynamics of the series changes in this book, and while I was always a big fan of Nash, and didn't give much thought to Tod either way, I found myself falling for him along with Kaylee. Nash seemed different here, I felt he was kind of weak. I didn't like how he kept pushing for the sex thing after the failed attempt. I thought he should still have been waiting for Kaylee  to take the lead on this and that kind of annoyed me. I did feel really really sorry for him by the end though. As much as I wanted Kaylee to end up with Tod, I didn't want Nash to get hurt. And things just went from bad to worse for him. I hope things get better for him in Before I Wake.

I really like Alec and hope we might get to see a bit more of him in upcoming books. He is the voice of reason a lot.

This book was my favourite in the series. If we go by the premise that the books get better as the series continues, I REALLY can't wait for Before I Wake.

"I'm dead, not impotent. Nasty rumors like that must be squashed before they gain momentum. Feel free to emphasize how very functional I am." 

"I could have kissed you months ago, but it wouldn't have meant anything. I wished for you to see me. And want me. So...did you mean it?" Fragile hope peeked out at me from behind the smug self-assurance I now recognized as his mask. As armor, against a world that no longer claimed or understood him, and suddenly I realised he wasn't breathing. He was just waiting. For me. 

"Yes," I said, and some unnamed tension inside me eased. "I see you, Tod."

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Unknown said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVED THIS ONE!!! *swoons* I also re-read all the stuff after that fabulous hallway kiss scene. I love Tod! Also I loved all the other stuff, Mr. Beck, truly evil and freaky, Kaylee's death, Nash's addiction, Sabine, and Alec is cool too. An all around fabulous read!

Giselle said...

Omg I HAVE To read this series. I've had book 1 at home for at least 9 months I realy have to make time for it I've ONLY heard good things about it!!

Suzanne said...

Oh Tod is so swoonworthy. I stole your Team Tod badge for my FB page :) I can't wait for Before I Wake. Rachel is contracted for 7 Soul Screamers books. I would love her to do more...

Suzanne said...

Oh Giselle, you need to read it. It is amazing. I thinks its probably my second favourite series now, next to Morganville Vampires

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