Bite Me, Try Me, Fang Me by Parker Blue

Thursday, 3 May 2012.
Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1) Try Me (Demon Underground, #2) Fang Me (Demon Underground, #3)

Bite MeTry Me, Fang Me by Parker Blue
Published from September 2008 to March 2011
By Bell Bridge Books

Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I received this series as a three book package deal from Netgalley, so I'm going to review it as such. Surprisingly, I had never heard of this series but I was drawn to it because it is about vampires and I rarely turn down a book that is about vampires or werewolves. I am so glad that I requested this as I absolutely loved it. It's not just about vampires, but demons too. One of those demons is our fabulous protag, Val Shapiro, otherwise known as The Slayer, who is 1/8 succubus.

At the start, we meet Val, out doing her thing and hunting vampires. We learn exactly what she can do, or as much as she knows she can do at this time, straight away. Unfortunately, her mother and stepfather have never been happy with what she is and feel she is a bad influence on her younger sister, and on Val's 18th birthday, they tell her to leave their house, and her job at their bookstore.

Val manages to get a job working with the San Antonio PD, Special Crimes Unit, thanks to Dan, who becomes her partner. He also finds her a place to live as his sister, Gwen, is looking for a room mate. All very convenient I know, but it works. And these books kept me so entertained that I could overlook small things like this.

She also finds a dog, who happens to be part hellhound. He can hear her thoughts and talk to her in her head. He tells her his name is Fang and they are soon best friends with him being a valuable asset to her on the hunt.

There are many different types of demon in this book. Shade, a shadow demon, Tessa is a soothsayer, who predicts the future, a fire demon, a water demon and so many more.

The vampires, Alejandro and his vein of vampires are trying to start up the New Blood Movement. An organisation that will run bloodbanks where humans can go to donate blood. They do not want to drink from humans without their consent. All vampires are being encouraged to join this movement, and if they don't and continue to kill humans, the penalty will be death.

This is an amazing series. I can't believe it isn't more popular and that I haven't heard of it before. I was just reeled in and I couldn't put these out of my hands. I found them to be extremely imaginative and unpredictable. Some aspects change completely from one book to the next. Like the love interest. But there's not triangle which I am happy about. And there's the interesting consequence of what will happen to Val when she loses her virginity.

This book kind of sits on the line between YA and adult. Val is 18 but everyone around her are adults. As Val is a succubus, these books do have their fair share of sexual references and so I would think are definitely more suited to the older end of the YA spectre.

Val herself, I love her. She is a fantastic character. She is tough and brave and can be a smart mouth but when she tries to come back after a snide comment directed at her she finds herself at a loss of a good comeback. She will help anyone who she feels to be decent and will not kill indiscriminately. This is how she comes to find herself working for the vampires in the New Blood Movement. She is definitely on my list of favourite female protags.

These books do have romance running through them but it is far from the main event of the story. These are extremely fast paced with lots of action. The characters are all well written, there is a lot of them, and I enjoyed them all.

I cannot recommend these books enough. I am delighted to have the 4th book in the series, Make Me to hand and I cant wait to start it. I was ecstatically happy to discover that Parker has been contracted for two more books in this series and a short story. I don't want this series to end.


The Book Rogue said...

I only read the beginning of the review because I get pissy at myself if I accidentially spoil my fun because I get too curious ^^, but it doesn't sound half bad. Plus, that girl has a katana in her hands, for crying out loud! That alone makes this a must-read! for me. Now, seeing you gave it such a good rating, I can only say thanks for grabbing my attention once more! =)

Elodie said...

This series sounds amazing .. I've added the first three to my wishlist and I really look forward to meet Val. Thank you sooo much for bringing these to my attention Suzanne !! Glad you enjoyed the whole series taht much :)

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

I have heard some great things about this series. I want to meet Blue the dog, I hear it he is a bit like Oberon in Hounded. I didn't know they were all on Netgalley...drat! I missed out. Did you get book four as well?

Giselle said...

I hadn't heard of it either before I saw a book on Netgalley and I'm glad I read this because it really sounds like it's up my alley! I love a good vampire book too but they all seem to be so meh lately. I'll have to add this to my wishlist! :) Great review, chick!

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