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Sunday 27 May 2012.
The lovely Cambria Hebert has dropped by today to say "Hi" and prepared this fantastic post on dreams. Hope you all enjoy it :)

Hey all! I am really excited to be here today as part of the Heven and Hell Tour for the release of Charade (Heven and Hell #2).

For anyone who hasn’t read any of the Heven and Hell series here is a peak at all the books so far:
Charade releases May 18, 2012 and will be available in Ebook and in Paperback where all books are sold.

For today’s tour stop I am going to be talking about dreams. We all have them and I think they are fascinating for all of us. I know I have woken up in the morning and either wanted to go back to sleep (because the dream was really good) or wanted to hop out of bed (to get away from a nightmare).

In Charade, Heven experiences a lot of things through dreams… not all of them good. But I won’t elaborate. LOL. I know I am a big meanie.

So how about you what kind of dreams do you have and do you know what they mean?? Here are some common dreams and their meanings:

1. Nudity
If you have recurring dreams where you are naked, think about how your life circumstances might cause you to feel anxious or vulnerable. Do you have a MEGA secret you are hiding…. Come closer…. You can tell me…. LOL. Or, perhaps you are starting a new job and feel inadequate or unprepared to deal with your assignments. 

2. Flying
Dreams of flying represent the dreamer’s ambition, but minor details like the height at which the dreamer flies can be important as well.

In general, if you’re flying at a low to medium altitude, your goal(s) will be achieved easily and successfully. However, if you’re struggling to reach a higher altitude or to maintain your altitude, you may be aiming too high at the moment. In that case, you may want to try for a more reachable goal and then gradually increase your goals. Remember, sometimes it takes baby steps to get to the end destination.

3. Being Chased 
If you have a dream that you are being chased by someone or something, you are most likely trying to escape a person or a situation in your real life. The source of your anxiety should be clear in most cases, as long as you are honest with yourself. Perhaps you have unresolved anger that you need to resolve with a friend, or maybe you’ve been shirking your responsibilities or an obligation that is staring you in the face. Face your anxiety head-on, and your sleep will be all the more restful.
*Last dream I had like this Peeps, I didn’t run. I found a knife and used it on the person I was being chased by….. (does that mean I am violent???)

4. Death
We’ve all dreamt about death at one time or another and woke up feeling sad, and then felt great relief when we realized it was just a dream. Dreams that center on the death of a loved one are natural after you have suffered a loss. If someone close to you has recently passed away, your subconscious may be telling you that you don’t have closure and have not come to terms with the death. In this way, your dreams can be an important part of the healing process. If you dream of your own death, it may simply mean you have been recently reminded of your mortality. 

5. Romance
Dreams of romance, love, or physical affection that bring positive feelings mean you are happy, content and well-adjusted to your circumstances. However, if your dream leaves you feeling hurt or insecure, it may mirror your love life. Have you gone through a breakup or just can’t seem to find the right guy? All of these things can influence how you dream, as well as your perception of love.

Dreams are important indicators of life circumstances and can help you become a happier, more content individual.

Note: all dream interpretation information was found here

So tell me, have you ever had a crazy dream? A reoccurring dream? Or a dream you want to forget???

I know I have had some crazy dreams. Just other night I dreamed that I went and bought a wig (I am a blond and my hair is just past my shoulders) and the wig was jet black with a bangs that went straight across my forehead and the cut was a blunt cut that like hit my chin… it looked like this:

Just the hair, peeps, I didn’t have a gun in my dream or a hot guy standing there. LOL!! But anyway, I dreamed I bought a wig and put it on and I liked it so much that I wore it all the time and completely ignored my real hair…. Bah ha ha ha ha. I have no idea what that means but when I woke up I had a good laugh.

I want to thank Suzanne for having me here today, this was a fun post to put together!

Have a great day!


Unknown said...

Love the guest post! Sometimes I have romance dreams, and they are pretty good dreams LOL! More like watching movies but starring me. :P When I'm stressed out, I tend to dream about being chased. That kind of dreams always tire me out. They tend to happen during exam weeks. :P

Now I'm very curious what kind of things Heven dreamed! x)

Cambria said...

What an awesome lookibg post! Thank ypu so much Suzanne for taking the time to get the post up and looking fab. I am so glad you cpuld be part of the tour!

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Great post! I love having dreams, even if some of them are really unpleasant. Mine are always incredibly far-fetched, but they run like a movie and it's mildly entertaining lol. ;)  

Veronica MostlyReviews said...

I really love to read what dreams might mean. I dream a lot. Every single night I manage to remember my dreams and I really love to be in my dream worlds. But my dreams have a common factor, almost every single time someone is chasing me and wants to kill, they never succeeded...yet, once that they actually caught me, before they couls kill I walk up.(I don't play by the rules in my dreams! :P) I also see the flying dream a lot, but no airplanes for me, I usually have wings, good to know what the whole trying to fly higher means.

As you can tell I got really excited from this post. :) Good job!!!

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

This was a very informative not to mention entertaining post. I don't think you will be dragging any of our secrets out anytime soon. I had the worst dreams while I was pregnant. So scary!

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

My biggest fear is being pregnant so I have a lot of nightmars where I'm pregnant. Scares the crap out of me! LOL I have no motherly instincts. The thought of pregnancy is freaky to me. I also have a ton of dreams where all my teeth fall out. One of my psychology teachers said that is supposed to mean I'm worried people are talking about me. I never worry about that and I think it's more that I'm actually afraid of losing my teeth lol My grandma wears dentures so I do not want that happening to me. I also have a lot of good dreams and fantasy dreams. Those are nice!!! hehe I had a Harry Potter dream when I was reading the books a long time ago where I was flying on a broom playing Quidditch. It was awesome.

Suzanne @ Paranormal Book Fan said...

Oh those are probably my most popular dreams too. Its usually my front teeth lol. Don't be afraid of being a mother, you're instincts will kick in when they're needed. I have 3 kids so now when I dream I'm pregnant, I wake up depressed lol

Cambriahebert said...

That was very informative, maybe you are right about the wig... as far as hiding anything, I can't think of anything... no, really, LOL. Maybe it is that I have been working non stop and need to do something different. LOL.
I hope if you get around to reading my books you enjoy them! thanks for the dream interpretation!. lol.

Cambriahebert said...

What great comments! I had crazy dreams when I was pregnant too, it must be a pregnancy thing. i haevn't ever dreamed about losing my teeth but I have dreamt about being chased quite a few times... I always have scary dreams. LOL. thanks for reading the post everyone!

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