Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test #2) by Aimee Carter

Saturday 16 June 2012.

Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test, #2)

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
Published: April 6th 2012
By: Mira Ink 
(first published March 27th 2012)
ISBN: 1848450788
Source: Publisher
Target Audience: Young Adult
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goddess Interrupted, the second book in the Goddess Test series, was another amazing read. Again, I was very quickly hooked and couldn’t put this down. It was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Kate has spent the last six months in Greece with James, but now she’s back and she can’t wait to see Henry. Unfortunately, she arrives back to find Henry is not around. Calliope has released a Titus, Cronus, one of the creators of the original six and therefore, they can also be killed by him. When she sees Henry for the first time, he is injured having just come from battle with Cronus. Henry barely acknowledges Kate and Kate’s left feeling like he really doesn’t love her and maybe she has made a mistake in coming back. Things continue like this. Henry doesn’t touch her, hug her, kiss her or show her any affection. It gets worse when Kate has to ask Persephone for help. When nothing changes, Kate decides to leave the Underworld. She loves Henry but she can’t stand it being unrequited anymore.

Once again, Kate was awesome. She is a character I really like. I couldn’t help feel sorry for her with the way Henry is treating her. She constantly tells him how much she loves him and that all she wants is for him to love her just a little bit, not even as much as he loves Persephone. Everyone around her tells her that he does love her, but she feels as though she is to him what he was to Persephone, a spouse of convenience. And she doesn’t want this.

When Henry, and the remainder of the original six are taken and held by Calliope and Cronus, their descendants are happy to just sit and wait it out, and hope that if Cronus succeeds, he will let them live. But Kate will not just sit by and let them die; she has to try to save them, even if she has to sacrifice herself. She knows how much Calliope wants her dead.

As Henry is held captive, we don’t see as much of him in this one, but we see more of James. He, along with Ava, Kate’s two closest friends, accompanies her in her efforts to save the gods from Cronus and Calliope. These are also two really likeable characters that we learn more about in this book. I enjoyed the interactions between these three and Persephone as they made their journey.

This book is based in the Underworld, and again, the world building is well done. I didn’t really like Persephone in the last book, well we didn’t meet her, so I guess it was her memory I didn’t like. The fact that Henry just couldn’t get over the way she had treated him and be open and loving with Kate. Anyway, in this book, I did actually start to like her and understand her better. She spent thousands of years with Henry, so she deserved her own happiness. I would like to see her and Kate build up a sisterly relationship in the future.

Unfortunately, this ends on a spectacular, totally unexpected cliff hanger with left me astounded. Roll on Goddess Inheritance, I can’t wait!

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Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

I felt bad for Kate too. Henry was so standoffish that I couldn't blame her for wanting to pull out. I liked that she wasn't going to be his doormat and if he didn't love her then she wouldn't stick around to be used and hurt. I liked getting to know more about James and Persephone. I like James a lot. That cliffhanger was such a killer!

Debbie @I Heart YA Books said...

Jennifer I love this book too! and the cliffhanger just had me going crazy lol! Thanks for awesome review!!!

Emaginette said...

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

Nicola said...

That ending... grrr...! It was worse because I read the first two close together and it felt like I should be able to go straight onto book three!

KellyHashway said...

I'm going to miss Henry when I read this. I loved him. :(

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