Stacking the Shelves #9

Saturday 23 June 2012.

Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, (and filling our kindle) sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process! Hosted by Tynga over at Tynga's Reviews

Hi all, hope you all had a great week. I'm really excited about the books I got this week, though not large in quantity, they are high in quality :)

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Before I Wake (Soul Screamers, #6) Spark (Elemental, #2) Dark Seeker (Seeker, #1)

Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent (MiraInk)
Spark (Elementals #2) by Brigid Kemmerer (Netgalley)
Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning (free on Amazon)

What books did you get this week? Leave me your links and I will drop by.


rogier said...


Jennifer said...

I grabbed Dark Seeker too! I always wanted to read it. I'm so excited for Before I Wake!!! AHHHH!!! I read a huge preview on google books and totally spoiled myself about everything that happens but I'm still excited for it to hit my kindle Monday night so I can read every page with no breaks straight through! Also want to read The Elemental series! Great haul and happy reading!
My Stack

Neyra Rosas said...

Ohhh you got Spark! >.< I still haven't read the first one, but I've been hearing GREAT things about it! I mean, hot brothers with elemental powers?? HELLLOOOO! What's not to love! x] lol

Neyra @DarkestAddictions

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Oh great haul, Suzanne. I hope you enjoy Before I Wake. Love the series! Dark Seeker sounds really good too. I have a copy on my Kindle which I always forget to read. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Kara Schlichting said...

JEALOUS of before I wake. I need to my hands on a copy ASAP. I love me some Tod :-)

Grace Fonseca said...

Nice haul of books. Spark has a pretty red cover.


Eileen Li said...

I'm so jealous on Spark. Wait. *adjusts eyes* They Have it on NetGalley?!?!?! *Logs onto NetGalley account*

Check out my Stacking the Shelves!

TomJTaylor said...
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Katja Weinert said...

Thanks for stopping by My StS. Your books are awesome! I would love to have Spark - Storm was action packed - and really need to pick up the Soul Screamers series.

Giselle San Miguel said...

Ohh The Soul Screamers series looks really good. Spark too! Great haul!
------Giselle from booknerd.caStacking the Shelves

Donna/BLHmistress said...

I was looking at Dark Seeker, thought about picking it up, might need to go back and do it.

Happy Reading!

My Haul

Jennifer @ Dream Reads said...

I've been meaning to start Storm soon. I hope that you enjoy Spark and Before I Wake has a stunning cover. Happy Reading ;)

Jennifer @ Dream Reads

Alana Rock said...

I so need to read the Soul Screamer series... hear great things! Happy reading, they all look good!

Alana @ Dark Obsession Chronicles

Sharon said...

A nice haul! I loved Spark & Dark Seeker..

Happy reading :)

Sharon -

Veronica Morfi said...

I saw Spark a few days ago in NetGalley but I need to read these books in print so I am just waiting for the pub date. Great haul this week! :)

Shortskie said...

Awesome haul this week. Love the covers on them :)

Shortskie's Shelf

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

I missed Dark Seeker, it isn't free anymore :( I am hoping to get approved for Spark! I love the UK cover for Before I Wake I like it better than the U.S. cover. Yes, my giveaway for Dark Companion is international the folks at Teen tor were kind enough to offer it internationally :)

D said...

oO Duh, where'd my comment go?? I already left you a post, I swear!
Anyway, thanks to you there is one more book on my tbr yet again, namely Dark Seeker. I swear, if I ever have the chance to meet you, I'll nail you to the ground and hug you til you're unconcious for all the awesome books you have me finding. ^^
Btw, thanks for the compliment(s) on the new blog, it was a lot of work but I'm really proud it's running now. =)

Marta Szemik said...

That's a nice set of reads:) Enjoy!

Rachelanbig said...

I'm totally excited for Storm. I really need to catch up on my Rachel Vincent books. Nice haul Suzanne! :)

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

Spark! I am so jealous. I'm doing my very best not to request any more books, but I must admit my resolve is weakening. I really want more time with Michael, lol.
Happy reading, Suzanne.

Giselleco said...

Really excited for Spark! And I really enjoyed Dark Seeker I hope you do too! :)

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