See by Jamie Magee

Friday 20 July 2012.
See by Jamie Magee
Published: 5th May 2012
Source: Book Reader Addicts
Target Audience: YA

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have to admit that when I started reading this I didn't know what it was about and the plot didn't really come to light until I was over halfway through, so this added to the mystery of the book. Charlie gets drugged by her "friends", Bianca and Britain, and when she wakes up, important memories are missing.

After her graduation, her mom moves her home to Salem to live with her sister, where she starts to put her memory back together, with the help of her real friends Madison, Aden and especially Draven. She remembers how to deal with the shadows, how important Draven was in her life, and what exactly Bianca and Britain are.

This book was well written and the dialogue was quite enjoyable. The characters were well defined and likeable, I just didn't feel any real connection to them. It has an interesting story line, but no action until the end. Most of the book is about Charlie learning who she was before she lost the memories that made her who she was.

I was more interested in this book for the first two thirds or so but found my interest waning towards the end. I think I thought the big reveal would be something more exciting but I wasn't that impressed. I'm finding myself a little hesitant to pick up the next in the series.

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Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

It sounds like it turned out to be a little anticlimactic. It's a shame this didn't blow you away but I'm glad to see you still thought this book was well-written. I doubt I'll be picking it up any time soon but thanks for the helpful review! :)

A Canadian Girl said...

Thanks for the review, Suzanne! Having a connection to the characters is important to me so I'll probably skip this one in spite of it being well-written.

Brandileigh2003 said...

Sad that it didn't keep up the steam through the end, but it sounds like a great premise.
Thanks for review.
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book

Heidi said...

Well the cover certainly is cool, but if the book lacks excitement and thrill and it difficult to follow, then it probably isn't for me. I am glad you provided an honest review! Have a great weekend, Susan!

Hilda K said...

Oh, it's always disappointing when the big revelation turns out to be something not very exciting! I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy this book very much. It's great that this book is well-written though! Thank you for the amazing and honest review, Suzanne! :)

Jennifer @ Dream Reads said...

Anti-climatic books are always tough for me, especially if I am waiting for that big ending or event. I like how honest your review is, Suzanne. Thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer @ Dream Reads

Rachelanbig said...

This premise sounds interesting but it's hard to enjoy a book when you can't connect to the main characters. Wonderful review Suzanne. :)

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