Severed (Fated #2) by Sarah J. Alderson

Friday 11 January 2013.

Severed (Fated, #2)Severed by Sarah Alderson
Self Published
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My rating: 3.5 stars

Even though I couldn't put this book down while I was reading it, continuing on with trepidation at times, as to what was coming next, I feel the cliffhanger just took all the goodness out of it and left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

I found the first half to be ticking over with nothing too exciting going on but I just enjoyed being back in this world with Evie and Lucas. After the battle at the end of Fated in which the brotherhood were wiped out, they are on the run and head to Lucas' sister's apartment in LA. Finding themselves not welcome there, and with no where else to go, they set out to find a group of rogue hunters who've been killing unhumans and who them hope will help them find the rest of the prophecy, and introducing us to an awesome new character, Cyrus. A larger than life hunter who likes the girls and collects notches on his bedpost.

At the opening of this book, I felt that both characters appeared quite different than I remembered them from Fated. Evie appeared very meek and timid while Lucas came across as standoffish. I know they had been through a lot with the fight but I would have expected them to pull together more, whereas for a time, I thought they were coming apart. They do both thankfully, get back to their old selves.

The character who probably stood out the most for me in this book had to be Cyrus, the rogue hunter. He had a smart ass mouth, a deep hatred of unhumans and a liking for the ladies, constantly making snide remarks to Lucas and coming onto Evie. At first, I actually found him quite annoying but very quickly found myself really warming towards him. Especially when he proved how chivalrous and heroic he could really be.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read with interesting well written characters and world building that I couldn't fault. But the cliffhanger......for me this overshadowed everything. So be warned.

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Rachel said...

I haven't read the first one yet so I just read the last paragraph and saw: cliffhanger! What is it about these authors leaving us with these cliffhangers?! I must pick up the first one because I love Sarah Alderson's writing. :)

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

I just can't handle cliffhangers anymore, not even for Sarah Alderson. There IS a way to end a book properly and still keep people interested enough to buy the next book. Veronica Rossi did it two times. TWO. Not a cliffhanger, but an open ending.
I'll just wait for the next one to come out.
Wonderful review.

LoveOfBooks said...

Lovely review. I haven't read the first book yet, though. I don't mind cliffhangers too much, as long as I enjoyed the book A LOT.

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

Ha ha well even though I want to try Sarah's book, I detest cliffhangers. So I know I will not be reading this right now. Thanks for the heads up!

Book Passion for Life said...

I love Sarah's work!!! So glad you enjoyed this one.

A Canadian Girl said...

I haven't read Fated yet but I have it in my TBR pile. I look forward to eventually meeting Cyrus. He sounds like a complicated character!

Silverlight said...

I read your review for Fated and it sounds awesome, I may have to pick it up, then will see about this one.

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