Balthazar by Claudia Gray

Friday 9 March 2012.

BalthazarBalthazar by Claudia Gray
Published: 6th March 2012 by Harper Teen
ISBN: 0061961183
Young Adult

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book but to be honest, I thought I would have enjoyed a book about Balthazar more (no pun intended lol). He was my favourite character from the Evernight series and I couldn't wait to read this. I thought this was just going to be one book to finish off Balthazar's story and leave us with his happily ever after but from the ending, its seems like it could be the first of a series (I'll have to check this out though I could be wrong).

I feel that as a series, it could become long winded and drawn out in a game of cat and mouse just with a change of head cat for next time. But of course, Ms. Gray could have some fantastic idea's up her sleeve that she can add to this. If its not going to be a series, then there was a lot of loose ends, so my guess would be that it is.

Balthazar is a fantastic character. Swoonworthy, brave, strong and considerate. He arrives at Skye's house, having been asked by Lucas to check on her because she was having a problem with some wraiths. He is just in time to save her from being killed by a vampire. But in the attack, the vampire manages to get a taste of Skye's blood, which turns out to have a special effect on vampires. When he returns to his tribe and tells them about it, the entire tribe go after Skye, led by Redgrave.

Skye is an awesome heroine. I didn't pay too much attention to her in the Evernight series even though she was the one who saved Bianca in the end. She showed us then how brave she was by letting Bianca possess her, and that bravery continues to show in Balthazar. She doesn't hide away when she has all the vampires on her tail, she continues on with life as best she can. She even gets Balthazar to teach her how to fight.

Most of the secondary characters in this are vampires, including Charity, Balthazars sister, who continues to be a large pain in Balthazar's butt.

We see some flashbacks into Balthazar's past which are really interesting. Previous run ins with Redgrave and his tribe. We find out more about the events surrounding him being turned into a vampire.

I would recommend this book to fans of the Evernight series. I think you could probably still read and enjoy it without having read Evernight once the reader had some idea as to who Lucas and Bianca are. They don't play that big a part in this book but I feel that if it is a series, we may see them return. There is definitely an opening for it.


juliababyjen said...

I have been wanting to read this!

Rachel said...

I'm really excited to read this book. Evernight is one of my favorite vampire series. i'm ready to see Balthazar's point a view. Is Vic and Ranulf in the book at all?

Suzanne (Parabooklover) said...

No Rachel, no Ranulf or Vic.

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