Knee Deep by Jolene Perry

Friday 27 July 2012.
Published: 1st May 2012
By: Tribute Books
Source: Nicole at Tribute Books

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While not the type of book I usually read, Knee Deep really piqued my interest. I had signed up for a spotlight post with an excerpt and after reading it, I just wanted more. And I wasn't disappointed. It brought about some strong emotions and really left an imprint in my thoughts. I've never read a book about abuse situations before, usually keeping away from realism in the books I read, but I just felt compelled to read this one.

I really enjoyed Jolene's writing style. It was simplistic and made for a fast paced read. Ronnie, the protag, is a likeable girl and her characters actions and emotions were realistic to the situation. She has two best friends, Luke and Mindy. As things go downhill with Shawn, she starts to have feelings for Luke which doesn't help her situation, especially as he seems to feel the same, and they are playing Romeo and Juliet opposite each other in the school play. This only adds fuel to Shawn's fire.

So, we have somewhat of a love triangle, with only one obvious choice to be rooting for. Luke does his best to help Ronnie once he finds out, but she doesn't want him to tell anyone, so he doesn't. He does jump in just at the right moment a few times though, always seeming to know how to act to douse the situation. He is Shawn's friend too.

Once she tells Mindy, it was again realistic as to how a best friend might act. Her dad's part also was very well done. I just couldn't believe that any mother would be as unobservant and "away with the birds" as Ronnie's. She noticed absolutely nothing going on with her daughter at all.

If this is the type of book you like to read, then snap it up, you will not be disappointed. Once I started reading this, I could not put it down. I would have no hesitation in picking up other books written by this author. 

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Heidi said...

I totally agree about the mother, I noted it in my review as well. I, too, don't read a lot of contemporary dealing with heavy issues but this one was a compelling read and I really enjoyed it and think that it is a great way to raise awareness. I think though that the book should include a page of resources for girls who are in these situations.

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

This isn't the type of book I would usually go for either but I was really looking forward to reading it after a few excerpts on the author's site. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it too. Great review, Suzanne! :)

Nicole Langan said...

Suzanne, thanks for the review!

A Canadian Girl said...

Suzanne, I love reading gritty contemporaries but I have to be in the mood for them. I've seen some good reviews for this one and will keep it in the back of my mind for when I need a dose of something heavier :)

Rachelanbig said...

This sounds amazing Suzanne! So glad you like it even though it wasn't your normal type of read. I love relationships that start as friends. I don't like triangles though but this seems more focused on dealing with abuse. Wonderful review Suzanne. :)

Pnrurbfantasyreviews said...

I'm not into Contemps. as much, either but every once in awhile I'll pick one up and be pleasantly surprised and enjoy it, good review, hun!

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