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Saturday 4 August 2012.

Dominion (Guardian Angels, #1)

Release Date: August 20th 2012
By: Authorhouse

I Dare You.
Look Over Your Shoulders.
Do You See Them?
They are behind you...
They are always behind you.

Abigail Cells had a nightmare the day before she met Gideon, the new guy in school who has every girl drooling just to be near him. In her nightmare, she was murdered by a magical creature. As she gets to know Gideon, she begins to remember pieces of her nightmare, and was shocked when Gideon turned out to be the creature from her nightmare. Who is Gideon really, should Abby allow herself to fall completely for him, or is he the next disaster waiting to happen?

Read an Excerpt :)

I should have called the police the moment I woke up, but what was I going to say: “Hello. 911. Help. I think I’m going to die because I had a dream that I died?” Yeah, even in my head I sounded ridiculous.

What happened to me was horrifying. It still is. But you won’t read about it in the newspapers, because it never happened.

“It was only a dream.” That was what everyone kept telling me. Nevertheless, they were wrong. What happened to me wasn’t a dream. I was living it. I died that night. I was murdered in a firestorm.

Yet, where I am, I’m alive.

One single white lie isn’t supposed to bring with it a lifetime of obstacles, right?


I lied. I said ‘Yes,’ when I was supposed to say ‘No’, and that was how I got here.

I committed a crime. Handcuff me. Sentence me to life. Execute me. Trust me, death will be a vacation compared to the punishment I’m serving.

“You’re such a terrible liar, Abigail.” This is what everyone I know says whenever I try to key up a lie. Then again, what does everyone I know, know for sure? Nothing!

I wasn’t crazy. No, honestly, before I found myself in ‘wackoland’ I was a walking ray of sunshine. Everything in my over-idolized life was perfect.

Until he came.

First, I thought. Finally. Someone to chase away the monsters underneath my bed, but as it turned out, he didn’t come to chase them away. He was it. 

My Guardian Angel

Author Bio

Melody Manful was born on the 8th of June 1994 in Tema, A town in Ghana. She started writing at a very early age and has been doing it ever since. She has two siblings, and lives in Denmark with her family. She loves music, reading and writing, and puts a great deal into making her friends happy.


Hilda K said...

I'm not really crazy about the cover, but I think the excerpt makes this book sounds very interesting! I'm wondering what kind of crime she committed. And the whole guardian angel thing is always amazing! :) Anyway, I think it's awesome that the author is from Ghana and currently residing in Denmark - such a faraway place! x)

Thank you for sharing, Suzanne! :)

Braine TS said...

Well I find the cover art super cute! It reminds me of Disney

Giselleco said...

Oh wow this cover is really awesome! And it sounds good too I hadn't heard of it before.

Pnrurbfantasyreviews said...

This one sounds pretty good! Is that a bow on back? If it is then this may be a book I would enjoy!

kimbacaffeinate said...

This is new to me..awesome cover!

Heidi said...

I really like the cover as well. It has that angel and devil on your shoulder feel. Not sure exactly what was going on in the excerpt it was definitly different. Thanks for sharing!

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Wow, that is one beautiful cover! I haven't seen this book around before, Thanks for drawing it to my attention. It sounds quite interesting so I will have to pick it up some day. :)

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